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Chapter 03: "A wrong turn." is the third chapter of the first movie.



  • Maitland's Car



The Maitlands get into their volvo car and leave for town. While driving into town, Adam says that it is the perfect vacation, two weeks at home. Barbara says that Jane thinks that they should sell the house to a family. Adam then says that it is not any of Jane's business, then adds that they could try again on the vacation. While driving in town, Adam says hi to Ernie, which is cleaning a statue near the sidewalk. Stopping at Maitland Hardware, Adam gets out and proceeds to go inside and exchanges greets with Bill, which is sitting outside his Barber Shop. Bill talks away, not noticing that Adam is inside his store. Adam then exits his store and Bill is still rambling on about something of a long haired costumer to cut, Adam runs by and says he'll see him later as he gets in the car. The Maitland's leave and are driving up on the bridge, when a dog walks in front of the entrance. Adam warns Barbara and grabs the wheel to swerve around the dog. The car hits the bridge and the cars ends up handing out of the bridge with the front end right over the river. The dog turns out to be on one board that is keeping the car from falling into the river. The dog gets off and the car falls into the river, drowning the Maitland's in their car.


  • Hard to see, but the back bumper sticker of the Maitland's Car reads "I Brake For Animals".
  • Ernie's house not shown properly in the movie, but can be seen out the window when Adam is in the Maitland Hardware, while driving right before wreck, and before the car falls in the river outside while in the viewpoint in the bridge.