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Chapter 02: "The perfect vacation." is the second chapter of the first movie.





  • Man Smart (Woman Smarter)


Adam picks up a spider that was on the model set and tosses it out the window. A minute later, Barbara comes up to the attic and gives Adam a present of manchurian tung oil and Adam then gives Barbara wallpaper for the guest room in the house. They note in conversation they are on vacation, but they are staying home. As they get a bit of an intimate moment, the phone rings, which they ignore. Then a car horn can be heard outside, which they decide they have to check out. They look out the attic window to find Jane getting out of her car. Adam notes it's her turn to deal with her, and then Barbara playfully runs down the hall and to the stairs to the first floor. Adam wishes her good luck and he goes to the basement as Barbara goes to the kitchen door to meet Jane. Jane tells of a man from New York City offering $260,000 for the house. Barbara declines and Jane then says Barbara should take it as the house is too big for only the couple. Barbara was hurt by Jane saying that. Barbara says she'll see Jane in a few weeks after vacation, and sends Jane out of the Kitchen, shutting the door and the blinds on her. Meanwhile, Adam is down in the basement listening to some music and looking for a brush when Jane appears in the window bugging Adam about the offer. Adam like wise says no and lowers the blinds. Then a second later, he yells of the stairs that he needs to get a brush and a part for the model and is asking her to come with him. She agrees as long as it isn't going to be long.


  • Minute Maid Orange Juice can be seen on the kitchen counter. Later, Beetlejuice uses Minute Maid Orange Juice when having Lydia guess his name.