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Beetlejuice (animated series) Credits for all seasons one through four.


(###) = Number episode
S1 = Season One
S2 = Season Two
S3 = Season Three
S4 = Season Four

Typed Credits[]

In the first season, the first airing was missing the "Consultants" credits, the third show airing had the credits changed between two frames.

Voice Acting Talent and Related[]

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Beetlejuice - Stephen Ouimette
Lydia - Alyson Court
Charles - Roger Dunn
Delia - Elizabeth Hanna

Additional Voices
Len Carlson
Ron Rubin
Tara Charendoff
Paulina Gillis
Elizabeth Hanna
John Stocker
Robert Cait
Joseph Sherman
Ray Landry
Colin Fox
Keith Hampshire
Dan Hennessey

Casting - Arlene Berman
Recording Casting Assistant - Merle Anne Ridley
Voice Director - Robin Budd

Writer Credits[]

These credits are collected off the title cards for the episodes.

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Dan DiStefano (015)
Dennys McCoy (019)
Doug Molitor (006),(013)
Evelyn A-R Gabai (016)
Janis Diamond (020)
J.D. Smith (012),(018)
Mike Keyes (007)
Pamela Hickey (019)
Patsy Cameron (001),(003),(008),(020)
Peter Sauder (002),(004)
Tedd Anasti (001),(003),(008),(020)
Therese Naugle (005),(010),(017)
Tony Marino (009),(011),(014)

Rest of the End Credits[]

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Executive Producer - David Geffen
- Tim Burton
Producers - Michael Hirsh
- Patrick Loubert
- Clive A. Smith
Supervising Producer - Lenora Hume
Executive in Charge of Production for Nelvana Entertainment - Stanford Blum
Line Producer - Stephen Hodgins
Director - Robin Budd
Story Editors - Patsy Cameron
- Tedd Anastil
Developed By - Tim Burton

This credits card was missing for first episode (001).
Consultants - Michael Bender
- Larry Wilson

Cast, Additional Voices, Casting, Recording Casting Assistant, and Voice Director are presented in the Voice Acting Talent and Related section.

Assistant Director - Joseph Sherman
Art Director - John Halfpenny
Production Designers - Ted Bastien
- Chris Labonte
- Glen Hanson
Unit Manager - Richard Pimm
Unit Director - Rick Marshall
Production Supervisor - Patricia Burns
Production Manager - Steve Chadwick
Production Coordinator - Hasmi Giakoumis
Assistant to the Story Editors - Julianne Klemm
Storyboard Artists
- John Flagg
- Eric Chu
- Bill Perkins
- Alan Bunce
- Raymond Jafelice
- Keith Ingham
- Neil Hunter
Clean-up Artists
- Brian Lee
- Richard Forg
- Gerry Fournier
- Doug Thoms
Storyboard Coordinator - Victoria Shepherd
Layout Supervisors - John Van Bruggen
- Dave Pemberton
- Mark Marren
Layout Artists
- Richard Dannys
- Chris Minz
- Dale Desrochers
- Tim O'Halloran
- Jeff Dickson
- Genevieve Selby
- George Elliot
- Arna Selznick
- Peggy Hawley
- Andrew tan
- Kevin Klis
- Dermot Walshe
- Frank Lintzen
- John Yee
- Gord McBride
- Shane Zalvin
- Scott Bennett
- Bradley Markewitz
- Glenn Chadwick
- Kenneth B. Morrissey
- Tony Iacobelli
- Birgitta Pollanen
- Mary Lyons
- Lyndon Ruddy
- Rob Sadler
Layout Coordinator - Karyn Booth-Chadwick
Key Animators
- Gerry Fournier
- Greg Hill
- Niall Johnston
- Scott Glynn
- Gary Hurst
- Rick Marshall
- Cynthia Ward
- Diane Hare
- Andrew Hickson
- Leif Norheim
- Dave Quesnelle
- Richard Forg
Design Coordinator - Mitch Nadon
Background Stylist - Michael Hitchcox
Paint Supervisor - Mary Eklund
- Sarita Baker
- Jennifer Hibbard
- Sherry Cohen
- Bozena Klichta
- Nassrim Monaem
Production Assistants
- R.R. Steven Bissonnette
- Craig Marshall
- Marc-Andre Bourgoin
- Atul Rao
- Kevin Closs
- John Sanders
- Paul Hogarth
- Kevin Smith
- Erika Strobel
Assistants to the Producers - Mike Klein
- Kate Martin
Supervising Editor - Rob Kirkpatrick
Post Production Coordinator - Heidi Rotter
Sound Effects Supervisor - Mac Holyoke
Picture Editors - Richard Bond
- Karen Sanders
Assistant Editor - Erica Jandzens
Dialogue Editors
- Keith Traver
- Sheila Murray
- Stephanie Crawford
- Sue Conley
Sound Effects Editors
- Eric Hurlbut
- John Baktis
- Glenn Barna
- Bruce Robb
Music Editors - Stephen Hudecki
- Peter Branton
- Brian Fraser
Pre-Production Editor - Darrell MacDonald
Track Breakdown Editors - Ken Hurlbut
- Ken Bruinsma
- Mark Grosicki
Recording Transfer Technician - Mike Reid
- Boris Altshtater
Recording Engineer - Vic Pyle
Negative Cutter - Catherine Rankin
Laboratory Services Supplied by:
- The Command Post & Transfer Corp.
- Sounds Interchange
- The Film House Group
- Eastern Sound
- Manta Sound
- Ansara Industries
- Multitrack
Theme by - Danny Elfman
Score Composed and Produced by - Acrobat Music
Mixed Media Segments by - Calibre Digital Design Inc.
Additional Production Facility - Wang Film Productions Co. Ltd.

(c) 1989 The Geffen Film Company
All Rights Reserved
The Geffen Film Company is the author of this production
for the purpose of copyright and other laws.

This credits card was only used first two airings of episodes: (001) and (002)/(003).
Produced in Assosociation with
The Greffen Film Company (Greffen logo)
Tim Burton Inc.

This credits card replaced the one used first two airings of episodes: (001) and (002)/(003).
Produced in Assosociation with
Tim Burton Inc.

NELVANA (company logo card)

This company credits card was only used for the the first two airings of episodes: (001) and (002)/(003).
A Warner Communications Company

This company credits card replaced the one used the first two airings of episodes: (001) and (002)/(003).
In Association With



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