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Beetle Geezer is the 50th episode of season 4.



When Delia and Charles go out of town, they call in Charles's mother to keep an eye on Lydia - pre-empting Lydia's plans to visit the new Abusement Park with BJ. But Grandma Deetz is 85, and Lydia fears that too much activity will be dangerous for her. Grandma quickly grows tired of being treated like she can't do anything, and meanwhile develops a friendship with Beetlejuice, who is disguised as Grandpa Beetleman (Mr. Beetleman's father). When Lydia enrolls them both in the mind-numbingly dull Happy Daze Camp for senior citizens, Grandma decides she's had enough and leads the other seniors on a revolt. They steal the bus and BJ takes them all on a wild tour of the Neitherworld, from which they return in high spirits. Grandma then lectures all the concerned relatives about how they've been treating the elderly, and Lydia apologizes for her own well-intentioned blunders.


  • These characters, Grandma Deetz and Grandpa Beetleman, are the reminders of the old retired people from the 1985 film, Cocoon and the 1988 sequel, Cocoon: The Return.
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