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Beauty and the Beetle is the 11th episode of season 4.



Coincidentally on the very same day Lydia has doubts about her own beauty, the great beast Thing Thong, who steals beautiful things because he feels he is himself ugly, kidnaps her. While Lydia helps Thong find confidence in himself, Beetlejuice tries to save her in the guise of the famed adventurer Grimdiana Bones.


  • The character, Grimdiana Bones, is either a parody or the Beetlejuice version of Indiana Jones played by Harrison Ford
  • Thing Thong is a parody of King Kong.
  • This episode is a parody of the fairy tale novel Beauty And The Beast.
  • The blonde hair wigs on the TV commercial resembles Claire Brewster's Hair.


  • Lydia Could have said Beetlejuice three times the way she enters and exits the neitherworld to escape Thing Thongs Cave.
  • Beetlejuice says sorry but he couldn't before in Out of My Mind.
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