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Barbara Maitland is the wife of Adam Maitland and a ghost who haunts the home of the Deetzes.


A woman of simple pleasures, she prefers to spend her vacation at home, decorating her Victorian home in a quaint decor in favor of spending it in Jamaica.


She and Adam were newlyweds when the film began, trying to adjust. It was stated she tried to start a family and failed when she was alive, which explains why, even as a ghost, she has a liking for children... especially with a motherly bond with Lydia Deetz.

When her cousin and realtor Jane suggests that she sell the house as it "ought to be for someone with a family", she appears pained by the comment, perhaps because she has so far been unsuccessful at trying for a family of her own, but has no plans to leave her home.


  • She and Adam had never appeared in the animated series.