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Back to School Ghoul is the 2nd episode of season 3.



Beetlejuice takes pride in his License to Drive People Crazy, but a Neitherworld Truant officer suspends BJ's licence because he never finished school! Though it was just occasional class-cuts in later years, it turns out he's a comeplete drop-out in one particular grade: Kindergarden. Lydia, who cut class herself on BJ's account, insists on him going back to the Neitherworld Kindergarden course, and of course stays as his mentor, because he's "reaching out to her". Failing Kindergarden not only puts his licence on the line, but also get's Beetlejuice banished to the sandbox, where (typically) a sandworm lives, and Lydia's attempts to save him get's him to realize he must face one of few things he fears more then sandworms: studying!


  • Due to studying in Grossinomics, this episode show Lydia managing a "funny face" that no living person could otherwise manage, impressing Beetlejuice into wanting to study for the Neitherworld skills test.
  • BJ's Kindergarden report card (before getting streight A's on the test) reads: F in art, F in music, G in history, Q in Sci-fi, Z- in math, and Z- in behavior. (the last one is Typical, as he doesn't work well with others.)
  • The teacher says that Beetlejuice does not work well with others which is the same thing that Juno said about him in the movie.
  • This name of the episode reminds us of "Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School" (1988).
  • The episode is based on one of "The Simpsons" episodes, which is called "Bart Gets an F" (1990).
  • After "shaking like a leaf" we see Beetlejuice in his New U form since "Dr. Beetle & Mr. Juice" while knowing what he should do.
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